What we believe in

With BLUEGATE PILATES we want to inspire people to lead a life full of health, mobility and well-being. We firmly believe that every body has the ability to achieve its optimal performance. We strive to support our customers on this journey with our high quality Pilates equipment.

My story

Sport has always been a central part of my life. In the 80s I was active in bodybuilding and weight training for a long time and also really enjoyed running. After the birth of my two wonderful daughters, my first priority was my family. Years later I realized that it was time to do something for myself again. I returned to strength training, trained as a fitness and health trainer and eventually discovered Pilates through my passion for equestrian sport. I was deeply fascinated by the effectiveness and joint protection of this training method, which also had a positive effect on my riding.

My path led me from mat training to Pilates on the machine. I was thrilled by the variety of exercises that were originally developed by Josef Pilates. When I looked for Pilates training options in Germany, I discovered that they were still in their infancy. Therefore, I decided to complete a Pilates training course to deepen my knowledge.

I am firmly convinced that Pilates is a great benefit for health and mental well-being and would like to share my experiences to make Pilates better known in Germany.

Katrina Lester